What Color Metal Should I Select For An Engagement Ring?

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In selecting metal colors for engagement rings, you generally have three options: White, Pink, and Yellow. Read on:




  • COLOR: Before selecting which metal type is best for your future fiancé's alternative engagement ring, note that each metal type looks better on specific skin tones. White gold and platinum look wonderful on fair or rosy skin. Yellow gold complements olive and darker skin tones. Rose gold (aka Pink gold) looks lovely on all skin tones.


  • PREFERENCE: But wait! Remember that 70% of Western women prefer white gold. There is a stigma around yellow gold being out-dated. However, this is a trend that is fading as yellow gold is making a significant comeback, particularly with alternative engagement ring styles. Generally trends hit the luxury fashion market before they trickle into the more conservative engagement ring market, and currently yellow gold dominates the fashion jewelry world. So if you think your bride is more fashion forward, yellow gold may be the way to go, as white gold may begin to look dated in the next few years. Colored gemstones often look better paired with yellow gold, as the colors complement each other quite nicely. As a side note: white metal is difficult to distinguish from silver, which is of much lower value. Many women, and particularly Eastern women, prefer yellow gold to reflect the true value of the jewelry. Additionally, yellow gold also holds significant cultural importance in many Eastern cultures.

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  • MAINTENANCE: Yellow gold and Pink/Rose gold will never tarnish or change color. White gold is naturally dull and yellowish grey, and needs to be rhodium plated every few years to maintain its pure white look. Platinum will not need replating (it is not plated to begin with), but it will naturally oxidize slightly darker over time. This can be removed by a jeweler, but most women prefer the aged look as it makes the diamonds brighter by contrast. If you are stuck between white gold and platinum, you may wish to continue reading.


  • VALUE: All gold is “cut” unless it is 24k. Most rings will be 18k or 14k, which is 75% and 58.3% gold, respectively. Often all “golds” are priced the same, however white gold is actually more expensive, at least for the jeweler, because it is diluted with materials that have value, such as platinum. Yellow and pink gold are cut with nearly valueless materials such as copper. As far as value goes, both platinum and gold are a traded commodity, thus are both very expensive. To most people's surprise, platinum is often more expensive than gold due to its rarity. Also, an 18k gold ring is only 75% gold, whereas a platinum ring is 90-95% pure platinum, further driving up the cost of a platinum engagement ring. From lowest to highest perceived value, the metals are ranked: Platinum, White Gold, Pink Gold, Yellow Gold. From lowest to highest actual value: Yellow/Pink Gold, White Gold, Platinum.

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  • DURABILITY: Durability is the main reason platinum is chosen over white gold, despite being significantly more expensive. Platinum is denser and less malleable than gold, and if you translate that into a diamond setting, well you get the idea. From least to most durable, the metals are ranked: Yellow Gold, Pink Gold, White Gold, Platinum.

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Remember, if you are completely unsure which way to go, you can get a ring that blends all three colors! This is a beautiful look that many women love, as they can can pair a three-tone ring with any jewelry she already owns!


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