3mm Topaz Stacking Ring, White Petite Ring, Rose Cut Topaz Ring, Petite Gold Rings, Petite Stacking Rings, Rose Cut Stacking Ring, November

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Colorful and Sparkling Rose Cut White Topaz Stacking Rings. Wear one of these delicate rings at a time or stack them up!

These petite gold rings are perfectly dainty on their own, but also look fabulous as a statement ring stack. Check out my other colorful stacking rings!

-3mm Gemstone
-Sterling Silver
-24k Gold Dip

Listing is for one ring.


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Made with pure sterling silver and plated with a thick layer of 24k gold. Although commercial jewelry is "flash" plated with a thin, easily worn off coating of gold, my jewelry is hand made with special care. Often referred to as "gold dipping", my rings are plating using a heavy deposition formula, allowing for a much thicker layer of 24k gold.

Most popular gemstone rings on Etsy are made entirely with base metals, which can turn your finger green or discolor in a few days. The pure silver ring shank on this gemstone stacking ring will not cause discoloration on your skin.

Materials: sterling silver,gold dip,topaz