Beaded Raw Labradorite Earrings, Gold Filled Earrings

$ 14.97

A raw dangle earring set made with raw labradorite pieces. This earring set is made with 100% gold fill, and no copper, perfect for sensitive skin. Labradorite is the birthstone for June babies.

-3-5mm Labradorite Pieces
-Pure 14k gold fill wire
-Total earring length about 2 inches

The metal in this earring set is entirely made with 14k gold fill, which is not known to tarnish under normal circumstances. We recommend still keeping this jewelry away from chlorine (pools) and harsh chemicals, but typically gold fill does not tarnish when wet and is not as sensitive as other jewelry pieces.

You will receive one of the sets in the photo, or an earring set almost identical to what is shown in the photographs. Since natural one of a kind gemstones are being used, each pair will be ever so slightly different. Please note this grade of opal varies in color intensity, and also has natural inclusions, some of which are white and some of which are gray. The hue varies from white, green, blue, violet, and pink, and some may exhibit multiple colors, including rare flashes of red. Each pair of earrings is not identically matched, as each individual opal is one-of-a-kind.

Find your birthstone month below!

January - Garnet
February - Amethyst
March - Aquamarine
April - Diamond Quartz
May - Emerald
June - Moonstone / Labradorite
July - Ruby
August - Peridot
September - Sapphire
October - Opal (Coming soon!)
November - Citrine
December - Turquoise

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