Edgy Midi Ring, Gold Knuckle Ring, Pinky Midi Ring, RINGCRUSH, Dainty Ring, Sterling Silver Knuckle Ring, Gift for Her, Adjustable Midi Ring

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An edgy pinky midi ring with a tiny dot in the center to give your ring stack some dimension and texture. This above the knuckle ring is made from 100% sterling silver which has been dipped in real 24k gold. Please note that your ring may vary ever so slightly from the picture, as each ring is hand sawed and textured by flame. Each ring is considered one-of-a-kind.

PINKY MIDI SIZING: A size 1 to a size 2 usually works for most pinkys, and a 2 to a 3 works for your other fingers, but if you are unsure you may want to order an inexpensive ring sizer from me, which can be found in my shop. These rings are only slightly adjustable, although they are left open, the metal is very thick and sturdy and is unlikely to stretch too much.

These minimalist rings have been dipped in REAL 24k gold. These quality rings are made entirely with pure sterling silver, which has been plated with a very thick layer of 24k gold.

Materials: sterling silver,24k gold,yellow gold,argentium sterling silver,gold