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This ring is made from the mineral Apatite which displays gorgeous turquoise hues. This is not the gemstone commonly known as "turquoise", however Apatite tends to be much more durable than turquoise anyways.

Try pairing this ring with our raw diamond ring as pictured!

Natural, uncut apatite
Gem size – 7-15mm
14k Gold Filled Shank
24k Gold Dipped

The ring shank is made entirely with 14k gold filled wire, which has been plated with 24k gold for more intense color. Unlike other electroforming artists, I use real 14k gold filled wire in this Apatite ring, ensuring the gold color will last where the ring is most vulnerable, against the skin. 14k gold filled wire lasts as long as solid 14k gold, but is made more affordable than solid 14k gold by "filling" the wire's core with another metal. Gold filled jewelry contains 100x more real gold than gold plated jewelry.

This means your ring will not turn your skin green, and will be able to sustain heavy wear.

✨ Please send me a message if you have any concerns about the quality of your ring. I have a very generous return policy and my top priority is ensuring your happiness with your ring. ✨

Please select US custom if you do not see your size. I can make half sizes and quarter sizes, just let me know what you'd like in the notes at checkout. 😊

You will receive one of the rings pictured above, or a ring nearly identical to the rings above. Since each gemstone is one-of-a-kind, I cannot guarantee that the gemstone you see above will be on a ring shank in your size. I have tried my best to photograph the varying degree of colors, so your ring will fall in the spectrum of color among the rings photographed above.

This ring is currently made to order. Please check my FAQ for estimated shipping times.

Materials: apatite,24k gold,copper,14K Gold Fill