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Description & Details

We don't just have a crush on ametrine - we absolutely love it. It's bi-colored, rough and a little mystic for sure. This lover of the sun and guardian of the moon is your go to stone for protection from bad vibes. Only found in one place on earth, deep in the Amazon in Bolivia, the Ametrine, AKA as "Bolivianita", is the extremely rare natural occurrence of only exactly half of the natural raw amethyst being under enough pressure to naturally transform into citrine. A flawless fusion of Amethyst and Citrine, this unique rough gemstone is the perfect symbol of balance.

A raw, natural beauty. Giving new life to natural stones, while preserving their natural form. This rough, organic, natural gemstone is one of a kind. No molds are used for our jewelry and no two are exactly alike.

Gemstone: Genuine Bolivian Ametrine 

Birthstone Month: February and November

Shank Material: 24k Gold Dipped Pure Recycled 14k Yellow Gold Fill