Masterpiece! Raw Opal Necklace, One of a Kind

$ 925

To celebrate this holiday season, Ringcrush has created a handful of one-of-a-kind statement necklaces. Consider this the best advent calendar ever, with one beautiful jewelry masterpiece offered daily, between now and the end of the holiday season. We have saved the best quality gems over the past 3 years for just a handful of pieces. Some of these opals are worth more than the total retail value of these jewelry pieces alone... but we have only one use for them: Ringcrush Masterpieces. Once these items are sold, they will never be seen again! (Unless you buy one, of course!)

-Genuine Raw Australian Opals
-Opals Hand Cut by Bailey
-~5" drop length
-14k Gold Filled Adjustable Chain
-Opals 24k Gold Dipped for Bright Gold Coloring
-Adjustable up to 18"

Opals tend to shift colors depending on the light and the angle you view. I cannot guarantee any specific hues will be available and colors are selected randomly. Please see our Special Request policy below for more details.

Listing is for one necklace with two gemstones.

Gift Boxes: To keep costs low and to prevent excess waste, multiple rings and earrings may be arranged in one box. If you require more than one box for gifts, please include a note at checkout and we will happily include additional boxes.

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