Rainbow Moonstone Ring, Sterling Silver Ring

$ 25.87

A flashy Rainbow Moonstone statement ring - made with an organically shaped oval rose cut Moonstone Cabochon. This dainty rainbow moonstone ring has been dipped in sterling silver.

Pair with matching earrings! https://www.etsy.com/listing/521478612/rainbow-moonstone-earring-wedding-gift

Each moonstone has been selected for "flash", which means the beautiful blue "flashes" of color you see when looking at the gemstone from different angles. These moonstones tend to look best at dusk, (or moonlight!), as pure midday sunlight can be a little overpowering. Each gemstone is guaranteed to have some blue flash, although the level of flash varies from gem to gem. These quality rings are made with a pure sterling silver shank.

This statement ring is made from a genuine moonstone. Although moonstone is the birthstone for June babies, this beautiful gem makes a great gift for just about everybody!

Sterling Silver Shank
Genuine Rainbow Moonstone
Rose Cut
8mm-6mm wide

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