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A minimal garnet ring with a comfortable dainty ring shank. Stacks well with other rings, particularly colored gemstone rings. This garnet is completely natural, raw, and uncut. Although Garnets are the birthstone for January, these gems are super trendy and can be worn by and gifted to just about anybody!

-Genuine Rough Garnet, Uncut
-Gem size – 10-15mm
-Pure 14k gold fill Shank
-24k Gold Dipped

Most popular gemstone rings on Etsy are made entirely with copper. However, these rings are made with a pure 14k gold fill ring shank. The ring is also plated with a very thick layer of 24k gold. I often refer to this process as "gold dipping", as the gold layer is much thicker than normal gold plating. Copper is a less precious metal than 14k gold fill, known to turn your finger green and to tarnish very quickly under normal conditions. The pure 14k gold fill ring shank on this ruby ring will not cause discoloration on your skin.

You will receive one of the rings pictured above, or a ring nearly identical to the rings above. Since each ruby is one-of-a-kind, I cannot guarantee that the ruby you see above will still be available. I have tried my best to photograph the range of colors for these gemstones. Your ring will fall in the spectrum of color among the rings photographed above. In my humble opinion, the varying colors make these gemstones even more special.

These rings are currently made to order. If you do not see your size, simply select US custom and let me know what size you want in the notes. I can make pinky rings and midi rings all the way up to very large ring sizes. Just let me know :)

Materials: raw garnet,rough garnet,24k gold,yellow gold,gold,14K Gold Fill,copper