Raw Pink Sapphire Ring, Gold Ring

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Ring size: 6

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A minimal rough pink sapphire ring with a remarkable story. Stacks well with other rings, particularly colored gemstone rings. This gemstone is a 100% genuine, raw, uncut sapphire with an unbelievable story you can read about below. Although Sapphires are the birthstone for September, these gems are super trendy and can be worn by and gifted to just about anybody!

♥Genuine Uncut Pink Sapphire
♥Gem size –10-20mm
♥14k Gold Filled Shank
♥Dipped in Real 24k Gold
Please read our FAQ for more information on our unique materials and process.

Unlike our other gemstones, this pink sapphire is unique in that it is our only gemstone that is synthetically created. Although we typically shy away from man-made materials, we have decided to add this unique gemstone due to its irreplaceability and rarity, and its significance to the scientific community. Scientists in the 1960s developed the first working lasers by creating synthetic corundum (more commonly known as Ruby and Sapphire in the jewelry industry). This pink material is actually the first failed attempts at creating synthetic corundum for the first working laser rods. They needed optically pure ruby material to shine the laser beam through, and created a more rough, pink material which would be referred to as "pink sapphire" in the jewelry industry. Although created by man, this material is still chemically indistinguishable from pink sapphire. Due to the rarity of the material and our uncertainty on whether or not we will be able to replace our rough stock, this product will only be offered for a limited time.

You will receive one of the pieces pictured above, or a piece nearly identical to the rings above. Since each gemstone is one-of-a-kind, I cannot guarantee that the gemstone you see above will still be available. I have tried my best to photograph the varying degree of colors, so your piece will fall in the spectrum of color and texture among the rings photographed above.

To keep prices low, these rings are currently only offered in my most popular sizes.