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These handy ring sizing tools can be used to determine an accurate ring size. Use the mandrel by sliding an existing ring, and denoting the number at which the ring falls. If it lands between 5 and 6, you are a size 5.5.

Use the finger sizer to determine your ring size by placing the rings on your finger one at a time, until you find one that is a comfortable fit. Half sizes are denoted by a "-". This ring sizing tool does not measure quarter sizes, so if perhaps you feel in between 5 and a 5-, you may be a 5.25 or 5 1/4.

Please note that "6" and "9" may be easily confused, so check the adjacent rings to ensure you get the accurate size.

IMPORTANT: Ring sizes, just like clothing sizes, are not always the same from brand-to-brand. Please be sure on your size before ordering, as some rings cannot withstand the stress of being resized. My sizers are calibrated to industry standard, but I cannot guarantee any sizing done by other jewelers.

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Materials: plastic