Rough Aquamarine Necklace, Raw Aquamarine Pendant, Rough Layered Necklace, Raw Layered Pendant, Raw Boho Necklace, Rough Layering Necklace

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This lovely blue raw aquamarine pendant looks lovely on its own, or as a layered necklace by combining an 18" necklace with a 20" necklace. This aquamarine was mined in Vietnam. Consider layering multiple pendants on the same chain as an alternative look.

-Made with Genuine Raw Aquamarine
-Each Pendant is One-of-a-Kind
-Gems range from

- Sizing -

Please note that although the 16" length is a choker on most women, everyone's neck size is different. This size may not fit some women, or may hand much lower on others. It's impossible to go on weight or height. So to be sure, use string to measure your neck, and compare that measurement to a ruler. For comfort, aim to leave a little space by rounding up to the next half inch or more.

The model is wearing a 16" with a 20" in the main photograph.

This quality Sterling Silver cable chain was made in Italy and gold plated by me in Atlanta.

- More Info -

The chain is made entirely with pure sterling silver, which has been plated with a very thick layer 24k gold. Unlike other electroforming artists, I use sterling silver instead of copper or other base metals on my ring shanks, chains, and earring mechanisms. Base metals are less precious than silver, known to turn your skin green and to tarnish very quickly under normal conditions.

You will receive one of the pendants pictured above, or a pendant nearly identical to the necklaces above. I have tried my best to photograph the varying degree of colors, so your pendant will fall in the spectrum of color among the pendants photographed above.

Materials: aquamarine,sterling silver,24k gold,copper