Rough Stacking Ring - Raw Tanzanite Ring - Rough Tanzanite Ring - Boho Ring - Raw Crystal Ring - December Birthstone - Gold Gemstone Ring

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This rough tanzanite features violet hues accented by 24k yellow gold. A great gift for December birthdays, as Tanzanite is the birthstone for December. This raw gemstone ring also exhibits complex and interesting electroforming texture around the edges of the gemstone. This ring stacks well with other gold rings.

14k Gold Filled Shank
24k Gold Dipped for deeper color.
Genuine Raw Tanzanite
10-20mm wide.

The ring shank is made entirely with 14 gold filled wire, which has been plated with 24k gold for more intense color. Unlike other electroforming artists, I use real 14k gold filled wire in this tanzanite ring, ensuring the gold color will last where the ring is most vulnerable, against the skin. 14k gold filled wire lasts as long as solid 14k gold, but is less expensive by "filling" the wire's core with another metal. Unlike gold plating, where the ring shank's top layer is ~1 micron of gold, or 0.001mm thick, 14k gold filled has a top layer made of 100 microns of pure 14k gold, closer to 0.1mm, or 10% of the entire ring shank.

This means your ring will not turn your skin green, and will be able to sustain heavy wear, scratches and nicks. The shank will also not tarnish any more than pure 14k gold would, but you may need to use a light microfiber polishing cloth every few years to keep the color bright and shiny. Please note, although rare, some people may be allergic to gold, so if you have a reaction please let me know and I will happily offer a refund. Also please note that this type of ring is impossible to make without copper around the gemstone, so there is a copper build up around the gemstone and onto the shank. This is necessary for the security of the gemstone, and the small patch behind the gemstone will eventually wear thin if worn everyday.

Materials: yellow gold,copper,tanzanite,14 gold filled wire,24k gold,14K Gold Fill