Vertical Large Raw Citrine Ring, Rose Gold Ring

$ 33.25

This rough citrine features deep cognac hues accented by 24k yellow gold. This raw gemstone ring also exhibits complex and interesting electroforming textures around the edges of the gemstone. This ring stacks well with other gold rings. A great gift for November birthdays, as Citrine is the birthstone for November!

-Genuine Citrine
-14k Rose Gold Fill Shank
~each stone is approximately 15-30mm

Please read our FAQ for more information on our unique materials and process.

You will receive one of the pieces pictured above, or a piece nearly identical to the rings above. Since each gemstone is one-of-a-kind, I cannot guarantee that the gemstone you see above will still be available. I have tried my best to photograph the varying degree of colors, so your piece will fall in the spectrum of color and texture among the rings photographed above.

To keep prices low, these rings are currently only offered in my most popular sizes.

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