How long does it take for an order to ship out?

95% of our pieces ship next day. They should take about 3-5 days to arrive to US addresses. Occasionally items are out of stock, and will take me about 1-2 weeks to make. I use a lengthy process to "grow" these rings and unfortunately, I am not able to produce pieces any faster than this. Send me a message if you have a question about your piece and the time it will take to ship out. 


Can you rush my order?

Reach out to me at support@ringcrush.com and we will see if we can expedite your order. 

How and where are Ringcrush pieces made?

All of my pieces are completely handmade by me in my studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Metal sheet is sawed, and sculpted with a hammer. Wire is formed by hand and hammer into ring shapes, and metal is carefully melted in the seams to combine all of the components, creating a solid metal piece. Gemstones are set by carefully burnishing and bending metal over the stone, creating a strong grip that permanently holds the gemstone in place. Some gemstones are set in place by electrically growing a thick layer of metal around the edges. Pieces then undergo a several step process to create either a high polish, or a carefully crafted matte or textured finish.

Will this piece turn my skin green?

95-100% of the metal that touches your skin is pure tarnish resistant Sterling Silver and 24k Gold, both very pure metals that do not easily oxidize (change colors) on your hand. All ring shanks, earring posts and backs, and neck chains are made from pure 14k gold fill or pure sterling silver. However, all metals are susceptible to oxidation when exposed to certain cosmetics, lotions, and particularly pool related chemicals.

In a few of my electroformed gemstone works, there is a small patch of copper behind the gemstone to help hold the gemstone in place. Although unlikely with the layer of 24k gold to seal the piece, there is a very slight possibility that the piece may discolor your skin. If this does happen, do not worry, the discoloration is completely harmless and temporary, and can be easily removed with soap and water.

How many rings/jewelry pieces are included with my purchase?

Although there may be several pieces of jewelry in the photograph, unless otherwise stated in the description, you are purchasing one piece of jewelry.

Are all of your pieces gift wrapped?

Yes! Your order will be shipped in a luxurious Ringcrush gift box, illustrated by contemporary artist Yohey Horishita.

To keep costs low, If multiple pieces can fit in one box, I usually will place all pieces in one box. However, if you need more than one gift box with your order, send me a message and I will happily provide additional boxes.

Do you make your pieces entirely with copper like other electroforming artists?


Although most Etsy electroforming artists use entirely copper in their works, I take great care to use as much silver as possible as to prevent skin discoloration, and to improve the longevity of the polish and finish.

Copper will generally begin to discolor after just a few days, and even when sealed, will discolor within a few months. This is why I chose to use sterling silver in my chains, earring posts, and ring shanks, and why I also use a thick layer of protective gold plating over all of my works.


Is this gemstone genuine?

Yes, if the listing says "amethyst", you will receive a genuine amethyst stone. Please read the product description in its entirety, as some gemstones may be referred to as "turquoise colored", but actually not be the gemstone commonly known as "turquoise".

Oops, I ordered the wrong size! Can I exchange my ring?

Yes, just send me a message!

If you are unsure about your ring size, we offer finger and/or ring sizers at a nominal price, of which the cost can be applied to your next order in the form of a coupon code. Or, if you prefer, most jewelers in your area will size you for free, just walk in and ask.