Ringcrush Luxury Packaging

All Ringcrush purchases include a luxury gift box with gold foil detailing. To keep product and shipping costs low, we may arrange multiple jewelry pieces in one box. Need additional gift boxes? Just send us a message after ordering to support@ringcrush.com. We are happy to provide additional boxes, free of charge. 
Ringcrush Packaging Yohey Horishita
Although not a jewelry artist, we have a mega-crush on illustrator Yohey Horishita here at Ringcrush. Like many of our rings, Yohey is truly one-of-a-kind, describing himself as, "born and raised in the Deep South of Japan where the accent is thick, the sunshine is brighter and stronger, and the hospitality is always warm and charming".  With a keen eye for detail, Yohey creates intricate illustrations that succeed in capturing the essence and unique personalities of his subjects. Although recognized by many prestigious organizations for awards in creativity and illustration, Yohey's work speaks for itself in its delicate intricacies and deep complexities. 

Yohey Horishita Ringcrush Illustration
Your Ringcrush order will ship in a beautiful box illustrated by Yohey, great for gifting and sturdy enough for long term storage of your jewelry. I hope you enjoy :)