Raw Australian Opal Necklace with Paperclip Chain

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• Genuine Raw Australian Opal - 10-15mm in size

• 1-1.5 Inch Drop

• Conflict Free Gemstone

• October Birthstone

• All ring shanks are made with recycled materials

• All chains, ring shanks and earring components are made with recycled materials

• Your choice of 24k Gold Dipped Pendant with 14k Yellow Gold Fill Chain, 14k Rose Gold Dipped Pendant with 14k Rose Gold Fill Chain, or Silver Rhodium Dipped Pendant with925 Sterling Silver Chain

• Each piece is one-of-a-kind with unique gemstones

R I N G ◦ S I Z E

R I N G ◦ S I Z E

Need help with your ring size? Contact us via email support@ringcrush.com, we have some clever tricks for remote sizing!

If your ring size is a half size or in between we recommend rounding up, as our ring shanks are very dainty and comfortably accommodate down to a half size difference. There is no risk in trying as we have a free 100 day return policy for U.S. customers!

A R T I S A N ◦ T E C H N I Q U E

A R T I S A N ◦ T E C H N I Q U E

• We handcraft all of our one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces using a unique process we refer to as "Creative Chemistry"

• Our stones are sourced from countries all over the world - Ametrine from Bolivia, Opal from Australia, Peridot and Turquoise from the USA.

• Each stone is carefully selected and hand assembled with fine gold-filled metals, and a special paint is applied which allows electricity to run through the piece.

• Through careful calculation, and a complex series of very nerdy hand-applied chemical processes, an organically shaped smooth golden (or silver) bezel is formed around the gemstone.

S P E C I A L ◦  R E Q U E S T S

S P E C I A L ◦ R E Q U E S T S

We will do our best to accommodate your special requests made at checkout depending on availability. This includes special requests on gemstone size, color, shapes, and textures. Please remember that each gemstone is unique like you and will vary from the pictures above! If your special request is not available, we will send a product that falls within the item description.

Raw Gemstone Stacking Rings by Ringcrush

O U R ◦ E C O ◦ P R O M I S E

In 2021 we made it our mission to focus on sustainability. Our metals are made using 100% recycled silver and gold, and we supply our gemstones entirely from the waste stream. of the mining industry.

Minimizing Waste • To reduce waste, we sometimes arrange more than one item in a gift box. If you need more than one gift box, please let us know in the notes at checkout, we can provide additional boxes free of charge.

1 0 0 %  H A N D M A D E

1 0 0 % H A N D M A D E

All Ringcrush products are artfully handmade by an ecclectic team of female Savannah College of Art and Design and Georgia Tech students and alumni in Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you for supporting our craft.

M O R E ◦  I N F O R M A T I O N

M O R E ◦ I N F O R M A T I O N

Listing is for one item. To achieve a multi-gemstone statement look, mix-and-match your favorite Ringcrush rings.


I purchased this for my girlfriend as a promise ring. She likes more unique rings. The shipping was quick and I added a not asking to pick one of the best stones they believed because I wanted it to be very special. They absolutely delivered on that. She loved it so much, the packaging was beautiful and as was the ring. 1000/10 loved this. Will absolutely be purchasing from this shop again.

It really shows how much effort and love goes into creating each one, and I love that each piece has its own quirks and features so that no two pieces are alike. I also love the variety and quality of the gemstones and materials you use, but mostly that you’re still able to keep the prices within an affordable rangeI tell all my friends and family about your shop because I’ve never seen anything like your jewelry before:)

love Ringcrush bc it’s run by an amazing person, she’s so nice and sweet. It’s always a pleasure to buy from a nice person and feel like your order matters

I had been looking for something different for Mother’s Day. I knew I wanted raw stone necklace or rings something more unique. I spent months trying to find something. When I came across your amazon page of raw stone stackable rings. I immediately searched each stone I would need and saved them all to a list telling my husband it was all I wanted for Mother’s Day. I was overjoyed to get them. It’s been two years and they are still just as beautiful as the day I got them. Now, I have some health problems and my beloved engagement ring no longer fits. So I started asking my husband to replace it with the raw diamond you make. Also want some earringsyou have wonderful products.

This ring is absolutely stunning! I found Ringcrush on a whim & am so happy I didn’t think twice about placing my order. I placed my usually size 7 & it fits perfectly. Elizabeth was super responsive & very helpful when I asked for this specific design. This is already a very special piece to me & I can’t wait to pass it down one day to my niece. I already have my eye on a necklace! Great customer service, fast shipping & amazing quality - I can’t wait for my next gorgeous piece!

I bought a mystery box a few months ago, and you included an aquamarine ring; which is my late grandmother’s birthstone. Obviously there was no way you knew that, but it made me so happy, like it was a little sign from her that she’s watching over me.

I quit my job and went to Africa to work with sharks which was a LONG time dream of mine. I felt really trapped and under appreciated at this job. I felt like a new person over there and when I launched my website and sold my first underwater photograph, I bought myself an opal ring from your shop on Etsy to remind me of what’s important. It reminds me of the ocean and I’m proud to wear it everyday. It’s really helped seeing that token of “success” to me, especially this year. :)

When I gave birth to my son, I died (but came back obviously) my wedding rings didn’t fit for almost a year after, so I bought the amethyst ring (his birthstone) to wear in replacement. I bought it for protection and healing, but to also remind me that I can overcome anything.

I love the uniqueness and beauty of all ring crush pieces! Within the past year I began my career working in a health care setting, which has been difficult with COVID-19. Luckily, I have been treating myself (or been treated by family member, since they know how much I love ring crush) to approximately one ring crush piece a month! It brings me so much joy and I look forward to it so much. Thanks for being a bright spot in my life during a time when things are a little more difficult

I was pregnant an didn’t feel connected to my baby. So I got a ring with her predicted birthstone on it and it helped soooooo much! I felt so in touch with her and started being able to accept my changing body and identity

Beautiful. Thank you very much; I love my rings and recommend them to everyone looking for unique designs. Thank you.

Ring crush is very close to my heart because I wear the rings everyday. I got the birthstones of my parents and sibling. I live halfway across the world from them. The rings make me feel like they are closer to me. They give me a different kind of feeling that my loved ones are there. On difficult time I look at the rings and think of them and it makes me feel so much better